Cone Appétit

Brand Development / Packaging Design / Website Development

Cone Appétit is an ice cream company in Grand Rapids that not only makes unique flavors of delicious ice cream, but also fights human trafficking by donating a portion of their profits to Exodus Cry. It truly is “Ice cream with a purpose.”


We designed Cone Appétit's packaging with simplicity and clarity in mind. We wanted to display the flavor and brand first and foremost, while also developing a new pattern, breaking down various design elements, to help support the brand. The pattern was designed using elements of the cone in the logo, and became a playful and fun, yet modern piece that ties the brand together. 



Pattern and Colors.jpg

Tara VanWagoner, founder of Cone Appétit also brought us on to develop the new Cone Appétit website. Through creating some new images and content, while also embracing the unique flavors that Tara creates, we created an online presence that helps to tell the story of Cone Appétit. You can view the live site here -

Cone Appetit All Platforms-06.jpg
Cone Appetit Phone-05.jpg

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