Peace & Toil

Brand Identity / Social Strategy / PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT / E-Commerce Website Development

Peace & Toil is a specialty plant store location in Grand Rapids, Michigan that specializes in sourcing house plants, and educating their customers on the best practices for plant care. We partnered with them to develop their visual brand identity. Our aim with this logo design project was to maintain simplicity, while also creating a versatile word mark for various platforms.

Peace & Toil Brand Display.jpg

We also work with Peace & Toil to create and execute social media and email marketing strategy. From content creation, to social media ad campaigns, and email drip strategy and execution, we work to drive traffic to their store front, and online store through strategic digital marketing. You can follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

PeaceAndToil Social Email.jpg

Germination Labs also designed and developed the Peace & Toil e-commerce website. Utilizing the Squarespace platform, while adding e-commerce functionality, and strategic UX design, allowed us to build a sustainable website, with the capacity to grow into future e-commerce opportunities. As with all websites that we create, we kept a mobile-first mindset while building this site.

Peace & Toil Website-11-11.jpg

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